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I'm making first attempts at 3d programming,
Generating a terrain with cliffs - it works well except I can't see shadows when using GLSE2.

I have a simple scene with the generated terrain, a directional light with shadows enabled and a couple of capsule meshes to test shadowing. The terrain should also cast shadows on itself (from the cliffs to the ground).

As far as I know I did not use any GLSE3 features, but the shadows do not appear in GLSE2.

Using GLSE3 the shadows do appear, and also the mesh looks significantly darker (even outside of the shadows) - maybe this is a hint to what is going on?

The terrain is generated using SurfaceTool x2 (two surfaces, single mesh).
The two materials are default SpatialMaterial with textures for normal_map, albedo, roughness, ao.

The extra-weird thing is in the in-editor preview I did see the shadows (in GLSE2 renderer) but they disappeared after I restarted the editor (without changing any setting).

Here is an example project showing the problem:

See screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/zKu6C3h

Godot version 3.4.4
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