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I'm making it so that if the furnace life goes to zero the scene will reset. But my problem is that if you put a variable in a Global script, the variable will not reset if you reset the scene. Are there any better way to to this?

func _process(_delta): if Global.Furnace_Life == 0: get_tree().reload_current_scene()

Godot version v3.4.3.
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Autoload Global script is exactly for situations of keeping variables, that You want to keep unchanged when scenes are replaced. Like difficulty level or players statistics, or graphic options or saved states of game. You should have kept furnace hp in resettable furnace script. Just leave Global out of this and your problem is gone.

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Ty for the suggestion. Yes I tried that, but I wanna use the variable in other scripts. Is there any other way of using variables in other scripts?

Why would You need to keep this variable in other scripts ? Maybe You want to have global variable maxhp, but You should keep local hp in local scripts.

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