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Hi, im making an online multiplayer game with an account system, game sessions and upgrades. my current problem is all clients at the start of the game connect to a server, i was going to buy a cheap pc and port forward it but my internet is not only slow but really unreliable (i either get disconnected or it goes to a complete stop). i looked at vps but they all cost money and by the way im a collage student who earns £0 so yeah money is out of the question. if anyone can help me that would be great

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A place that will host your server for free? I don't really think there is such a service (at least not one that will allow a gaming server to be hosted on it). There is the tutorial on this site which uses AWS, so that's worth checking out.

Thanks this is really helpful however my only issue is that in order to sign up to AWS I need a bankcard and I currently don't have one but thanks anyways maybe one day this will be really helpful hope this can help others

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