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Hello, Im newbie here, and I really in level zero for gdscript, I have a animation that I made myself, here :
Idle 01 8F_EOu, idle 02 SVbbEI, Walk vgNtDb, Run PI81Q8, Attack 01A mP_ZH5, Attack 01B aj80-x, Attack 02A W10ix4, Attack 02B _C8fwT, Attack 03A bc8ZZ_, Attack 03B rjDmA4,

As you can see, my anim is top down view, not isometric, I want to make my anim in 8 way direction movement, using AnimatedSprite, like idle1, idle2, walk, run, crouch, attack1a, attack1b, attack2a, attack2b, etc; the question is, can I use AnimatedSprite, or I must use AnimationPlayer, and AnimationTree?, or i must make anim with 8 way movement? Im going here and there, but never found the solution, yes theres so many tutorial out there, but its top down with isometric spritesheet, Thanks for the answer

Godot version 3.4.4
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