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Hey guys, I have a little troublesome problem.

I can change my character's animations to move or jump normally but when I try to do one of attacking for example it literally only comes out the first frame

hours and hours of trying and it seems that the animation ends too soon

someone in a guide on how to make a state for this animation to happen completely and then return to the Idle state

Godot version 3.4.4
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Is the animations managed in a state machine? Is the animation being called once (e.g. in the _input() function)? Or is it being called each frame (e.g. in the _physics_process() function)?

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Obviously You made animationplayer play() in physics process so it always stuck in 1st frame of animation. You need to think of a way to play() animation once. You must have done it correctly for jumping, so try to notice the difference

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