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I'm learning godot GUI and currently trying to implement a scrolling list with the ScrollContainer. However, no matter what I do, I can't get the ScrollContainer to expand and show child elements - even if I resize in the editor, when I run the game the items within are not visible. If I remove the ScrollContainer, and just have a VBoxContainer with overflowing elements, everything displays OK. I've attached some screenshots that show the scene tree and the resulting game:



What am I missing? I'm not sure if I should be setting the Size, MinSize or margin properties in the inspector? Or should the ScrollContainer work all this out on it's own?

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Setting up the scroll container is a bit tricky the first time you use it. Here's how I was able to get it working.

Node Layout



  • Set the direction it will scroll i.e. horizontal, vertical
  • Set its default size
  • Set the size flags to be both Fill


  • Set its default size ensuring its height is greater than the scroll container's height (adjust values to compensate for the scrollbar(s))
  • Set its minimum size as the same default size values
  • Set the size flags to be both Expand and Fill

Container (Any control node that represents the scrollable items)

  • Set the size flags to be both Expand and Fill

Hopefully this helps.

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