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Is there a way to prevent screen capture of an android app made with Godot? I have an unfinished project and I want to use it to freelance but I don't want the client/employer that sees my work to steal it by taking screenshots or making screen records of the app and sending them to a programmer to remake the app and put on play store even before I can finish it. Is there a way I can disable screen capturing of the app so that when anyone takes a screenshot, the image will be black?

Godot version 3.3.3
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Godot does not have SafetyNet integration (which is how Snapchat and Netflix prevent taking screenshots or recording videos). Assuming it can't be simply toggled in the manifest, you'd have to create an Android plugin that integrates with SafetyNet.

Remember that SafetyNet can be circumvented with various means, such as rooting with Magisk and taking a photo of the phone screen.

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