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I wanted to make encrypted export templates, so I downloaded the needed things then compiled for android arm8 and 7 both release and debug, so I compiled 4 templates. Then I did the gradle step, and then cleaned it, but now I couldn't find the .apk templates I just compiled. Do I need to compile x86_64 too? Idk what is wrong but everything says OK, from compiling process to the gradle build.

I was using Godot 3.4.2, and made most of the project with it. I saw Godot 3.4.4 and downloaded it, and it did use 3.4.2 version files, and I doubt this is the problem because the compiled templates are from the latest version 3.4.4.

But now again I have another problem, why at my godot root directory I only find 3.4.2 in versions folder? As I said I'm now using 3.4.4.

Thanks for your time.

Godot version 3.4.4
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IIRC, the built templates are in the bin directory of the Godot sources (at least the templates that I built).

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