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Hi, everyone.
I have a node Road which has some Spatial nodes.
The main scene Game has Road as a child. Game calls $Road.advance() method in _ready. As a result I have an error Attempt to call function 'advance in base 'null instance' on a null instance..
It, as I think, means that Road is not "ready" or it is an engine bug (0_o).
I've putted print(get_children()) in Game._ready method and had [].
I always thought that method _ready in the parent is called only after all children called their _ready. This is really surprising for me.
Have anyone stucked with a problem like this one? It might be something common.

I tried to put print("Road is ready") to Road._ready and it wasn't ever printed.

I cannot add images now, sorry, but the hierarchy is really simple -- just a child node in parent, and it is never "ready" ;(


func _ready(): $Road.advance() # ERROR: Road is nil


func _ready():
print(”Road is ready") # Never printed

func advance():
# Some logic

I'm absolutely sure, that, at least in the editor, the Road is a child of the Game. But, maybe, something out of user view is wrong, maybe inside .tscn files. Anyway, I've tried recreating Road and Game scenes from scratch -- does not help. Now have no idea why this may happen.

Godot version 3.4.4.stable
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Have you tried using Play Scene (F6 by default)? Does the problem repeat?

Ohhh... The problem is that Game is present in AutoLoad, i.e. it is a singleton.
Thanks for the idea about scenes.

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The problem was in that Game is singleton (added to AutoLoad), thus, as script, it was ready, but not as a scene.

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