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I've create a custom webcam Resource that extends the Texture in a module. Most of the code is hacked together using bits from the theora video player and image texture. Everything works as expected but I can't serialize any properties. They show up in the resource editor. But won't get saved. Do I need to add something else?

// header
class AravisStream: public Texture{
    OBJ_TYPE(AravisStream, Texture);

    static void _bind_methods();

float getFrameRate() const;
void setFrameRate(float value);
int getExposure() const;
void setExposure(int value);


void AravisStream::_bind_methods(){
    ObjectTypeDB::bind_method("start", &AravisStream::start);
    ObjectTypeDB::bind_method("stop", &AravisStream::stop);
    ObjectTypeDB::bind_method("update", &AravisStream::update);

    ObjectTypeDB::bind_method("setExposure", &AravisStream::setExposure);
    ObjectTypeDB::bind_method("getExposure", &AravisStream::getExposure);

    ObjectTypeDB::bind_method("setFrameRate", &AravisStream::setFrameRate);
    ObjectTypeDB::bind_method("getFrameRate", &AravisStream::getFrameRate);

    ADD_PROPERTY(PropertyInfo(Variant::INT,"exposure",PROPERTY_HINT_RANGE,"0,33200,1",PROPERTY_USAGE_EDITOR), _SCS("setExposure"), _SCS("getExposure"));
    ADD_PROPERTY(PropertyInfo(Variant::REAL,"frameRate",PROPERTY_HINT_RANGE,"0,40,.1",PROPERTY_USAGE_EDITOR), _SCS("setFrameRate"), _SCS("getFrameRate"));

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Oops. I get it now. Maybe I shouldn't add the PROPERTY_USE_EDITOR flag... solved and sorry for the noise.

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