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I want to test Godot 4 alpha 6 with VR on the Oculus Quest. Godot 3.4 gets bogged down pretty quickly with the project I'm working on, so I wanted to see if Godot 4 is any faster. Can anyone confirm whether the Godot 4 alpha build has the Quest mobile VR plugin available somewhere. It's not in the asset library, as far as I can tell.

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There is a godot asset for this but I dont know if it works on godot 4 as I havent upgraded to that yet. If it helps the asset is below.

Godot Oculus Mobile Plugin

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Thanks for the answer. I have been using the plugin in the 3.x series for a few years, so I'm aware of its existence. I was hoping to test Godot 4 on my Quests, but the plugin appears to have not yet been built for Godot 4.

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