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How can i use variables, stored in an autoload globals singleton script with other visual scripts?

Godot version v3.4.3
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Take whatever the name of your global GD file is, load it in Autoload in the Project Settings, (you will also need a Node of some sort to autoload as well, likely whatever "System" or Scene-change type handler you are making) then you can call whatever you need to from that file using that name then a period for what you are calling.

So let's say you have a file that is called Global.gd and you autoload it at start. It has this script:

var roundTime = 10

func onRoundEnd():
     ## do something here

So to call those in your other scripts, you would put:

Global.roundTime = 20

Just be aware to change these values you need to call them directly (like I just did above). You can't store their value in a local variable and then change that to alter the global.

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I know how to do it in godot script.
there i can do it just by having the script in autoload.

I specally want to know to do it in visual script.

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