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hey guys,

i just want to know if anyone knows a way to run my Godot game on a Raspberry Pi.

I have allready tried to exported is as Linux X11 but that wasn't working ....
So what am i doing wrong?

Than you in advance.

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Godot doesn't run on the Raspberry Pi (even the RPi 3) or ODroid C2, for various reasons. Fixing this would require source code modification, and also, those ARM SBCs don't support OpenGL ES 3.0 which will be used for the new renderer in Godot 3.0.

I know I'm late to the party, but, it can be done: https://github.com/crabcrabcam/godot/releases/tag/2.1.4-stable

On the latest RPi 3b+ the minesweeper demo works ok, but the fixed_materials 3D demo runs about 1 FPS.

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Godot Linux export is for x86, Raspberry has an ARM processor. You need to compile Godot for ARM, or use the binary somebody else compiled.

With a little search online, I found this, but haven't tested it yet:

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Take a look at "Unofficial Godot Engine Raspberry-Pi": Unofficial Godot Engine editor and export templates binaries for the Raspberry Pi.

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