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Hi everyone,
I am currently trying to duplicate the deadzone-attribute of scrollcontainer on the richttextlabel.
i am showing a long text inside a richtextlable, cause i use the meta-tags for some functionality.

But this app not only uses short taps but also gestures like long-tap etc. But on a handy the scrolling of richttextlabel is too sensitive and takes over when you try to hold for long-tap (also sometimes shorttaps dont register)

i know of scrollcontainer and it's deadzone attribute, which works fine, but it creates other problems when i try to get the correct mouse-position of the tap later down the line, plus it would be generally cleaner if i can do it all with only the richtext.
Does anyone have an idea how to implement such a deadzone-mechanic or does richtext already have something like that? Cause my reasearch did not show any such functionality on richtext.

Thank you all for your help :)

Godot version 3.5.beta2
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