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i´m working on a 3d fiest person sokoban.
I have got a first person camera on the player:
First Person

And i have got a orthogonal top down camera, that i want to use as a mini-map:
Top Down

How can i use the seccond camere as a small map while playing on the firdt one

First idea:
Something like a HUD:
Top down camera downscaled to 1/4 of the window width and height embetted in one of the top corners on the game-window
Seccond idea:
A splitscreen:
Width divided in 1/4 and 3/4
First person camera in the bigger area, top down camera downscaled in the smaller one

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add sprite and add sprite/texture ++ camera
you transfer the image of the camera to the sprite texture
If the game is for Android
it uses a lot of CPU
I suggest you cheat a little

it´s just for my self on my pc, because i like to play arround with this engine.

I thy the way on his video.
I downloaded his little sample and use it as reference to look into while working.

I have an issue:
how do i access the player-camera here, that is instanced through code in the level 1 scene,

i now found a way my self:

I took the first person camera and viewport out of the player and into the game-scene, where the topdown-stuff already is Than i made the player call a function for the camere in process, that sets position and rotation of the camera to the values of the player.

so i could connect both cameras exact the same way to their matching sprite-screens.

now everything is correct placed: fitted gamescreen

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