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I have a problem with handling/reading unexisting JSON object key(s).

  "emotion": "angry"

Godot script to get the emotion:

var emotion = character["emotion"]

My problem is, some character have this:


It has no emotion, just a name. Obviously, I can't get the emotion from that. But my game crash and outputs this:
"Invalid get index 'emotion' (on base: 'Dictionary').".

I would like to try and catch the error and just ignore it.

Or atleast do this:

if(character["emotion"] == null):
  var emotion = null #or "noEmotion"
  print('character["emotion"] is empty!')

How can I do this? I've found out that Godot Script doesn't support try catch?

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if character.has("emotion"):
    # do something with "emotion"
    # do else
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