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I have a RigidBody2D with mode Character.

Sometimes I change the mode to Rigid and let the body rotate physically.

But when I want to change the mode back to Character the rotation should also go back to 0.

How can I do it?

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I'm not sure I understand your question but it sounds to my like set_rot(0) would work?!

I tried all the time changing the rotation with settransform() or setglobal_transform() and never tried it the easy way :-)

It seems set_rot(0) would do the job but when the rotation is to fast it doesn't stay on rotation = 0

I do it in this order


Is there a possibility to stop the rotation without setting mode to static?

Well, you can just set_rot(0) on both this and the next frame, right?

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Do you mean the rotation you had before you changed the mode? In this chase you could just store the old rotation in a variable and assign it when you're changing back.

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If you want to slowly rotate back your rigid body, then you can write something like:

# restore up rotation after collisions
var rotY=get_transform().basis.y
var rotAxis=rotY.cross(up)
var torqueAxis=rotY.cross(rotAxis)

where up is a Vector2 of the up direction and maxTorqueFactor must be set to an appropriate float value...

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Thank you for your answer. I'll check if it helps.

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