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Hello there :3

Today I was working on SMG for player to shoot, and get some strange mouse behaviour.

My code is following:

var shoot_cool = 0.0;


func _input( event ): # fails on double click
    if( event.is_action_pressed( "shoot" ) ):

func _process( delta ):
    if( shoot_cool > 0 ):
        shoot_cool -= delta;
        if( Input.is_action_pressed( "shoot" ) ):


It works perfect for the keyboard input, and mostly fine for the mouse, except for when I do a double click, it shoot two times and stop shooting, even if the mouse button is still pressed.

So, did I missed something about double click handling or stuff?

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I'm having the same problem, except I'm working in 2D with _unhandled_input and a timer to space shots. I press twice quickly, it shoots twice and then Input.is_actualy_press("fire") on where fire is bound to LMB reads false. If I extend the time between shots and press twice farther apart, it works as expected.

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Yeah this seems like a bug.

  Used your code, got the same buggy results in Godot 2.1.4.
  Used your code, and it worked correctly in Godot 3.0 alpha :)

  The following is for 2.1.4 :

Upon holding Left Mouse button (after double-click)
it is not returning true for
Input.is_action_pressed( "my_action" )

but after that, when you release Left Mouse it does return true for
event.is_action_released( "my_action" )

Compare to using this same code
holding single-click or holding space bar :
returns true for .is_action_pressed( "my_action" )
returns true for .is_action_released( "my_action" )

Link to .gif on Imgur
Recap of Apple Horo's problem
enter image description here


Link to .gif on Imgur
Here is a workaround.
An alternate way to script this in Godot 2.1.4
enter image description here


Here's the code from the 2nd .gif
One way to work around this.

Requires Left Mouse Button added to Input Map for "shoot"

# For Godot 2.1.4
extends Node

func _ready():

var shoot_cooldown = 0.0;
var shoot_held_down = false

func _input( event ): # bug workaround
    if( event.is_action_pressed( "shoot" ) ):
        shoot_held_down = true
    if( event.is_action_released( "shoot" ) ):
        shoot_held_down = false

func _process( delta ):
    if( shoot_cooldown > 0 ):
        shoot_cooldown -= delta;
        if( Input.is_action_pressed( "shoot" ) 
            or shoot_held_down 

func shoot() :
    print( "lazr -- pew pew" )
    shoot_cooldown = 1

I added this to a Control node in the .gif,
but it'll work with any Node subclass

  How to format .gd scripts you find online
  to fill in the TAB characters
    1.   Select a tab character in Godot --> Ctrl+C
    2.   Ctrl+R --> replace 4 spaces with the Godot with Ctrl+V tab character
    3.   click "Replace All" a few times

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