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Hi everyone,

I was following this tutorial about networking and dedicated server in a stable version of godot. I wanted to use the godot 4 version and the NetworkedMultiplayerENet isn't usable anymore i guess:
- Identifier "NetworkedMultiplayerENet" not declared in the current scope.

Has anyone an idea on a solution/alternative for a client/server architecture on godot 4 ?

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The NetworkedMultiplayerENet has changed, as of Beta 1 it looks like the following:


var network := NetworkedMultiplayerENet.new()


var network := ENetMultiplayerPeer.new()

There's an article that details some of the change here: Multiplayer in Godot 4.0: ENet wrappers, WebRTC

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how is the peer assigned to the scene tree?

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