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I'm using godot 3.4.3 to edit and export my projects. I'm running the server projects through godot 3.4.2 linux_server version. I have my server code running in the document root of a dedicated server. I bought an SSL from a 3rd party. I tried runnning the server project as the root user, as well as a non-root user. My cert and keys load properly in godot on the server and on the client ( I checked by having it print them when they're loaded) I tried loading the cert and key directly from where they are installed on the server, AND i tryed loading copies of them from the res:// directory in godot instead. My SSL definately works in some respect because when I go to the URL that's connected to my server I do get the little lock icon.

THE PROBLEM: when I try to use this dang SSL for a DTLS connection when the player signs in (and change setdtlsvarifyenabled() to TRUE) I just keep getting a handshake error. When I keep it false, everything works fine. But when I try to use my newly aquired SSL and switch it to true. Handshake errors for days. This is the error I get --> E 0:00:04.727 _dohandshake: TLS handshake error: -9984
<C++ Source> modules/mbedtls/packetpeermbeddtls.cpp:102 @ _dohandshake()
Gateway.gd:23 @ _process()
I've been grappling with this issue for weeks now. I really need this DTLS to work for sign in. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? I'm losing my mind over here.

extends Node

onready var main = get_node("/root/Main")

var cert = load("res://Certificate/stopclock.crt")
var network = NetworkedMultiplayerENet.new()
var gateway_api = MultiplayerAPI.new()
#var ip = "" #<-- Loop it back IP
var ip = "www.stopclock.app" #<--- Server IP
var port = 42092

var username
var password
var new_user

func _ready():

func _process(_delta):
    if get_custom_multiplayer() == null: return
    if not custom_multiplayer.has_network_peer():

func ConnectToServer(_username, _password, _new_user):
    network = NetworkedMultiplayerENet.new()
    gateway_api = MultiplayerAPI.new()
    network.set_dtls_verify_enabled(true) ##<--- PROBLEM
    username = _username
    password = _password
    new_user = _new_user
    network.create_client(ip, port)

    network.connect("connection_failed", self, "_OnConnectionFailed")
    network.connect("connection_succeeded", self, "_OnConnectionSucceeded")

func _OnConnectionFailed():
    print("Failed to connect to login server")
    print("Pop-up server could be offline")
    main.get_node("Panel").login_back_button.disabled = false
    main.get_node("Panel").login_button.disabled = false
    main.get_node("Panel").new_account_back_button.disabled = false
    main.get_node("Panel").confirm_new_account_button.disabled = false

func _OnConnectionSucceeded():
    print("Succesfully connected to login server")
    if new_user: RequestCreateAccount()
    else: RequestLogin()

func RequestCreateAccount():
    print("Requesting new account")
    main.loading = true
    rpc_id(1, "CreateAccountRequest", username, password.sha256_text())
    username = ""
    password = ""

Please help.

Godot version Godot 3.4.3 + Godot 3.4.2_linux_server.64
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My only suggestion is to open up an issue on Godot's Github issue tracker, and see what the developers say.

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