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I am trying to use an Android plugin for TTS. I followed this tutorial and the only major differences are a slightly different UI and that I'm using c# instead of gdscript. I have the following c# code:

            TTS = Engine.GetSingleton(PluginName);
            DebugL.Text = "plugin is there bruh";
            DebugL.Text = "plugin is not there sadge";

where PluginName is a (public local class property) string variable I made with a value of "GodotTTS" and DebugL is a Label Node I added to debug the application. I installed the Android Build Template and copied the plugin's aar and gdap files into the "res://android/plugins" folder. However, the message for the else statement was what ultimately keeps showing when I press the Android button to run the scene in Android Studio. I checked the Project's AutoLoad because as I understand it, singletons should be listed there, but there was nothing listed there. Does Godot's C# not have Android plugin support or did I do something wrong? Any help is appreciated and any other information can be provided.

Update: it completely works in GDScript. I'm really not sure what the issue is that's preventing it from working in c#.

Godot version v3.3.4
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can you try a newer Godot Version? The newest stable is 3.4.3 .

(Keep in mind to backup you current project, before upgrading to a newer Version.)

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