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I have a rigged and animated character using Blender Rigify with 2 animations: idle and walk forward. Whenever I play the walk animation in AnimationPlayer, the idle anim would set its pose to the last pose of the walk animation. Is this an issue with Blender 3.0.1 or my workflow?

Godot version 3.4.stable
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It depends.
Are You sure this is what happens ? I mean - is IDLE really playing when WALK is finished ?

If Yes, than it is possible, that You didn't keyframe IDLE correctly. Only if You press "A" to select all bones in blender, and next "I" to keyframe - You get full information of bone relations for animation player. If You don't do this, and only use autokeyframe, or only select some bones, all unselected bones will have their transforms set as whatever current transform is. Sometimes it is desired effect - if You use AnimationTree and want to blend different animations, like WALK and RUN with torso weapon slash.

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