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Hi everyone, i'm newbie with godot engine and i have a question. how to can insert the newgrounds api (only achievements) in godot engine. exists some extension or something like that?.

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What is the Newgrounds API exactly? After a quick search I see there is a Flash one, and unless they did work on something new, there is no way to use that in Godot.
But if there is a C API or a web service to talk to, that could be possible to work on it.
Also, is it for HTML5 games or standalone export?

is for html5 games. with newgrounds api i can add archievement and other things in newground page (sorry for my english :t)

That looks like web service communication via JSON, so it can be done in GDScript by using the HttpClient and HttpRequest classes. All you have to do is to send objects over the network (dictionaries in GDScript).

Note that using HTML5 will be quite buggy with Godot 2.1.2, but will improve after 3.0.

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For anyone, who want to use NewGrounds API with Godot, I've created Godot plugin.
I invite you to https://github.com/rojekabc/godot-newgrounds-plugin

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