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var items_in_range = {} 

var inarea= false
func _ready():
func _on_Area2D_body_entered(body):
items_in_range[body]= body 

func _input(event):
if event.is_action_pressed("TALKTONPC"):
    if inarea == true:
        if body.is_in_group("NPCHH"): #ERROR OCCURS HERE!!!
            var new_dialog = Dialogic.start("fionasays")

func _on_Area2D_body_exited(body):
if items_in_range.has(body):

The identifier 'body' isnt declared in the current scope. How can i check if the body enter the area is in group "NPCHH"?

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I notoced that you use an dictionary to record those bodies, it looks like you may have more than one body, so you can use for loop to check all of them.

for body in items_in_range.values():
    if body.is_in_group("NPCHH"):
        # do what you want to do.
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