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Hi! I'm trying to make a card game. I currently have a Game scene and a Card scene (the cards are TextureButtons), and the Game scene instantiates some Cards. Now I want the cards to do something when pressed. A tutorial I followed uses func _pressed() and I put this in the Card's script. When I use this to print something in the console and I click a card, it works. But when I try to use signals, it doesn't print anything. When I try to configure the signal, it connects it to the script connected to the Card itself. So basically I have the following functions in the Card's script:

func pressed():
func _on

with the second function connected to a signal, but only '1' gets printed out. What might be the problem here?

Godot version 3.4
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Have you tried running them one at a time? It could be the first function is consuming the event.

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