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I am new to GDScript and a bit newbie type in programming.....I am Trying to implement button connect signal action inside user-defined class....but its not working.....is there any other way to implement the button pressed action or any other way out

Here is simplified version of the code I am using

extends Node class example :
var a=2
var b=6
var c
var button func add_button(handle,text:String) : Button_click() # working button=Button.new() button.text=text button.connect("pressed",self,"Button_click") # Not working handle.add_child(button) func Button_click(): c=a+b print("C="+str(c)) func _ready(): var My_Class=example.new() My_Class.add_button(self,"Click to see C")

Godot version 3.4.2
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