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I use draw function to draw a line (I wanna make smt like those boards where you can look value of money n stuff ). I get two points, draw a line between them, and repeat this process. But everytime I draw a new line old one gets deleted. How can I prevent that from happening

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If you're using draw_line() inside a _draw() call, the buffer gets cleared as soon as you update again. To keep things drawn, you need to either:

  • keep track of all your draw calls and redraw everything when needed, or
  • use a Viewport with "render target clear mode" set to "never", and a ViewportContainer to actually draw the viewport on the screen.
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Do I have to use a script in viewport to make it work

The object that is drawing things inside the viewport (aka a child of the viewport node) needs to be the one doing the _draw() calls.

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