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Hi, I have this matrix exported from Adobe Animated Texture Atlas json exported file :

"Matrix3D": {
                                                    "m00": 0.034698486328125,
                                                    "m01": 0.0,
                                                    "m02": 0.0,
                                                    "m03": 0.0,
                                                    "m10": 0.0,
                                                    "m11": 0.034698486328125,
                                                    "m12": 0.0,
                                                    "m13": 0.0,
                                                    "m20": 0.0,
                                                    "m21": 0.0,
                                                    "m22": 1.0,
                                                    "m23": 0.0,
                                                    "m30": -10.55,
                                                    "m31": -6.3,
                                                    "m32": 0.0,
                                                    "m33": 1.0

I would like to use it to move a node, how can I do it please ?

I tried :

    var trsf_2 = Transform(
Vector3(sbl_matrix_2.get("m00"), sbl_matrix_2.get("m01"), sbl_matrix_2.get("m02")),
Vector3(sbl_matrix_2.get("m10"), sbl_matrix_2.get("m11"), sbl_matrix_2.get("m12")),
Vector3(sbl_matrix_2.get("m30"), sbl_matrix_2.get("m31"), sbl_matrix_2.get("m32")),
Vector3(sbl_matrix_2.get("m03"), sbl_matrix_2.get("m13"), sbl_matrix_2.get("m33"))


But it seems, the matrix is wrong or I'm using it wrong, I don't know.

Godot version 3.4.2
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