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I want an animated sprite to change position and also want it's offset to change position when an input is received. I do know about the offset and position functions but i still don't understand how do i use them, can someone explain me

Godot version 3.4.2
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Depends where you are putting the script.

Lots of possibilities... here's the basics:


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I believe what you are trying to do is

if Input.is_action_pressed("input"):
     position.x += 10
     # or offset.x += 10
     # you may also do position -= 10 to have it move left
     # if you want to have the Y axis change, write position.y

Or if you want to directly set the nodes position, write

position = Vector2(x, y)
# x and y should be written as integers, or other variables/constants
# Vector2() is the data type for coordinates, or directions

I hope that helped
If you meant changing the position from within the animation, I recommend using the "AnimationPlayer" node. You can find more about that in the documentation.

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that helped a lot, thanks

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