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Re-importing models in Godot while the file is open is either buggy or fails. Sometimes it may even break the scene. The only solution I found is to close the scene, do the export from 3D software and re-open the scene.

Can anybody help me with that? Maybe I am doing something wrong.

extra info:
- I tried changing the format. There is no difference with GLTF, FBX and escn.
- I tried checking if the exported file itself is broke, but they are not. It's just godot that fails to import them.

why is it a big problem:
In a big part of the development that is not an issue at all. But once you get deeper in production it becomes really needed to have the scene open while iterating on models because closing and reopening the scene every few minutes takes time (especially with bigger scenes) and often I accidentally forget to close the scene, export and realize what I have done but it's too late already. Clicking back on Godot makes me sweat because I know there is a chance the scene will just break and I may have to revert to my last commit.

Godot version 3.4
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