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I am trying to get my planes linear velocity but i'm getting the error "Invalid get index 'linear_velocity' (on base: 'Spatial (Plane.gd)'.

my plane's variable is:

onready var target: Spatial = getnode(targetpath)

(target path goes to the planes spatial node)

And here's the line that breaks:

var targetvelocity = target.linearvelocity

I'm pretty new to gdscript so help is much appriciated and it might just be something very simple that im missing :)

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A Spatial node doesn't have the linear_velocity property; only a RigidBody node has the linear_velocity property.

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I think Ertain gave the answer: velocities and other physics based parameters are unknown to Spatial. You would need to query the child RigidBody for that or if none available start using them for your physics.

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