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I had that exact idea myself, but about the reverse direction how can i do that? An example might help if you can because i don't think that's possible in GDscript
Also you said no if statement are needed, how can that be possible?
But i summary i make a hitbox and if i press the melee button a collision Shape apear and if it collide with any projectile (make a group called"projectiles) it reverse the direction its coming from?

Godot version 3.4.0
related to an answer for: parry mechanic in an fps game
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I assume this isn't intended to be an independent question? It seems to be a continuation of another discussion from elsewhere?

Yes i asked about how to make a parry mechanic in an fps game someone reply saying i need to make hitbox appear in split seconds in front of the player and if a projectile enters the hitbox it reverse the direction i asked him about how to reverse it because its the confusing part I don't even think its possible in GDscript

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