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I have this code. It worked in a prior attempt at this project. The projectile fired fine. Now it appears, but doesn't move. My print() statement does not print on spawn (_ready).



func _process(delta):

    # Rotate with mouse
    var mousepos = get_local_mouse_position()
    rotation += mousepos.angle()

    #Listen for mouse click and shoot
    if  Input.is_action_pressed("Click"):
        if $Timer.is_stopped(): 

func shoot():
    var a = arrow.instance()
    a.transform = $loadspot.global_transform


extends Area2D

var speed = 999
var target
var canhit = true

func _ready():
    print ("Arrow created: ", speed)

func _process(delta):
    position -= transform.y * speed * delta
    if position.y <= Globals.TOP:
Godot version 3.4.2 Stable
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How is the arrow reference set in the Player script? Are you sure it's referencing the Arrow script you posted?

It's not and it wasn't when it was working.
Player tree is:

 - Sprite
 - Position2D
 - CollisionShape2D
 - Timer

I changed the root Arrow node from an Area2D to a Node2D and made the Area2D part of its tree. Seemed to do the job.
Not sure why it was working on my first attempt and not here, though.

Reason I redid it: I had placed my main tscn in the autoloader and got hit with that double _ready() bug.

I guess I'm set now. But thianks!

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