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I have a problem with Vector2 class in my custom C++ module. I'm trying to fill an array of PoolVector2Arrays with values. I init it with zeros and then I try to exchange the x and y values using operators [] and =:

std::array<PoolVector2Array, 6> arrs2d;
while (arrs2d.at(siz(BodyKeypoints::ALL)).size() < 33)
    Vector2 vi2 = {0, 0};
    Vector3 vi3 = {0, 0, 0};
while (arrs2d[siz(BodyKeypoints::ALL)].size() < 2)
    Vector2 iv(0.0, 0.0);
//td.keypoints == std::vector<std::vector<double>>
arrs2d[siz(BodyKeypoints::ALL)][i][0] = td.keypoints.at(i).at(0);
arrs2d[siz(BodyKeypoints::ALL)][i][1] = td.keypoints.at(i).at(1);
std::wostringstream strstr;
strstr << arrs2d[siz(BodyKeypoints::ALL)][i][0] << "/" << td.keypoints.at(i).at(0) << std::endl;
strstr << arrs2d[siz(BodyKeypoints::ALL)][i][1] << "/" << td.keypoints.at(i).at(1) << std::endl;

The output is like this:


So the values are there as double but then they are not replacing the real_t values of Vector2 object. What am I missing?

Godot version 3.x
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