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This has been answered for unity , but I was attempting do this in Godot. I made a big ocean . I have used multiple nodes, methods and still have no answer , and perhaps won't have an answer other than manually making times for an object that can't detect a wave. I simply would like to have an object that could detect a material wave.. but granted I have taken multiple avenues.. IE , I used camera to get the color/non color of the ocean i want it to detect and try and base buoyancy on true/false.. , but I cannot get the color from the viewport texture, the wave itself has 0 collision , and i doubt i can get any vector data from it.. if so overwhelming. I've attempted color picker.. to pick the viewport texture automatically off to the side.. to get a color for yes no, up or down for a boat, to be honest.. I'm stumped.. on this one. there's a visibility notifier,. but it only works for the main view port. if there is anyway at all to create false buoyancy for waves.. in Godot. I just need to get a single color for yes /no or a way to detect a material , or a way to get the data from it to create false buoyancy ... otherwise.. im going to spend allot of trial and error .. making a boat work on an ocean that follows player unfortunately .

Godot version 3.4
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To be honest I didn't think problem like this could be solved in any other engine, shaders typically can't return any feedback. What I would do is calculate a real wave in code, pass it to shader as uniform to make visual waves, and pass it to object, to determine its floating behavior.

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