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__meta__ = {
"_edit_use_anchors_": false

What is meta about this setting? This is the global use anchor icon on tool bar? Why does it get embedded into each node? It seems like any file they are in works the same with them all removed anyway? Thanks.

Godot version 3.x - 4.x
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What is the source of this? Where was the code found?

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Yes, the _edit_use_anchors_ meta refers to whether the node is in "edit anchors instead of margins" mode. The setting is not global, it works on a per-node basis, hence the need of embedding it into meta. You can find the source code behind it inside editor/plugins/canvas_item_editor_plugin.cpp.

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Then it must be bugged because (in 3 and 4) I can make a new Control scene, add a ColorRect child save and get this:

[gd_scene format=2]

[node name="Control" type="Control"]
anchor_right = 1.0
anchor_bottom = 1.0
__meta__ = {
"_edit_use_anchors_": false

[node name="ColorRect" type="ColorRect" parent="."]
margin_right = 40.0
margin_bottom = 40.0

without the anchor button being touched or changing or indicating the change it made by turning off the anchor for that item when selected.

Or maybe i misunderstand.

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