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Hi all,

First of all, I cannot explain myself well in English so please pardon me if I have difficulty delivering my inquiries properly and second, I just started with Godot engine.

here's the script

extends RigidBody2D

var bump

var WALK_ACCEL = 300

var airborne_time = 1e20
var floor_h_velocity = 0.0

func _integrate_forces(s):

    var lv = s.get_linear_velocity()
    var step = s.get_step()

    var wall_found = false

    lv.x -= floor_h_velocity
    floor_h_velocity = 0.0

    var found_floor = false
    var floor_index = -1

    var coliBodies = get_colliding_bodies()
    if coliBodies.size() > 1:
    #   print(coliBodies[0].get_name())
    #   print(coliBodies.size())
        if (coliBodies[1].get_name() == "wall" or coliBodies[1].get_name() == "wall1" ):
            bump = "bump"
            wall_found = true

    for x in range(s.get_contact_count()):
        var ci = s.get_contact_local_normal(x)
        if (ci.dot(Vector2(0, -1)) > 0.6):
            found_floor = true
            floor_index = x

    if (bump == "bump"):
        if (get_node("charsprite").is_flipped_h()):
            bump = ""
            bump = ""

    if (found_floor):
        airborne_time = 0.0
        airborne_time += step

    var on_floor = airborne_time < MAX_FLOOR_AIRBORNE_TIME
    print ("floor: "+str(on_floor))

    if (on_floor):
        if (get_node("charsprite").is_flipped_h()):
            lv.x -= WALK_ACCEL*step
            lv.x += WALK_ACCEL*step

    lv += s.get_total_gravity()*step

func _ready():
    # Called every time the node is added to the scene.
    # Initialization here

Now, my problem is every time the object collides against a wall, the object sprite gets shaky before it moves to an opposite direction. Is there anyway to fix this? I would appreciate it if solutions would be made. Thank you in advance.

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Try to isolate problems, null all the air checks and start clearing all the velocities, maybe there is a remanent somewhere you forgot to null when turning around.

Enable collision debug to see the contacts too.

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OK, I think I have a solution. In your _integrate_forces function, remove the wall colllision test and add the following code in the loop below:

    for x in range(s.get_contact_count()):
        var ci = s.get_contact_local_normal(x)
        if (ci.dot(Vector2(0, -1)) > 0.6):
            found_floor = true
            floor_index = x
        elif (ci.dot(Vector2(1, 0)) < 0) != get_node("charsprite").is_flipped_h():
            bump = "bump"
            wall_found = true

This compares the sprite's direction to the non-ground normals, and if they are opposite, the "bump" occurs. Make sure you have enough "Contacts Reported" in your RigidBody or the wall could be ignored.

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Works like a charm! Thank you very much Rod :) Appreciate it.

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