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I'm using Godot in Windows together with Visual Studio and every once in a while the Godot editor crashes while in the background. So far I could not find out any reliable reproduction steps.

I'm running Godot v3.4.2.stable.mono.official [45eaa2daf]
Windwos 10 x64
Visual Studio Community 2022
Using the Godot C# extension for VS
Configured like described in this video.
I start the game from within VS (setting "Wait for Debugger").

The editor dies while in the background. I usually just notice this when I try to launch the game from within Visual Studio and get the error "No Godot editor instance connected".

Best I could find out on my own so far is this:

        Native Crash Reporting
Got a UNKNOWN while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries
used by your application.

        Managed Stacktrace:
          at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ConditionalWeakTable`2:.ctor <0x00048>
          at System.Buffers.TlsOverPerCoreLockedStacksArrayPool`1:.cctor <0x0006a>
          at System.Globalization.CultureData:GetCultureData <0x0017a>
          at System.Globalization.CultureInfo:CreateSpecificCulture <0x001ec>

Any ideas? Any way I can help you with additional information?

BR Matthias

Godot version v3.4.2.stable.mono.official [45eaa2daf]
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