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I am working on a small 3D Platformer. But when I test the scene my player character is floating about 0.1 units above the ground. The collision shapes are probably not placed wrong. I am pretty new to Godot and game development in general so it is possible that I overlooked something.

Godot version 3.4.2
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what's the code you are using?

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I figured it out now. I changed the scale of the CapsuleShape and Godot does't seem to like that. So I had to change the shapes height instead of changing the scale to not cause any problems.

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Collision shapes are the most likely culprit.
Without seeing your code or settings it's hard to comment on what else it could be.

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Feel free to post screenshots of what's happening, and the inspector showing how you set up your collision shapes...

Also, do you have physics and gravity enabled? :) because without that your player isn't gonna have any reason to fall.

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