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For example like a social platforms.You have an account and you can upload photos
to this application and you can see another users photos.We need a server also but how?
it can possible with godot???

Godot version 3.2
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Can you give us an example what you're looking for?

You mean something like nextcloud?

For example like a social website,
you have account and you can
share somethings on it and
you can see anyones posts also
but application version

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It's absolutely possible. Don't do it.

Godot is a games engine, that's what it's built for, that's what it's good at. Using it to make a non-gaming server is going to mean you creating absolutely everything from scratch. Please don't do this to yourself. Assuming this is online, use something like a python django (REST) framework (or other language / framework of your choice depending on your project specs) which is built for precisely this sort of thing, already has exquisite architecture, a thousand tutorials, where you've got every library imaginable and cutting edge security features built in. Take the ferry with everyone else, don't get into the rubber dingy on your own. When you want to make a game, use Godot.

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Thanks for your comment
And you are saying it can possible but difficult
no need to suffer.Yes maybe you are true but
without godot how i can do it easily?
can yo give me an example an tutorial please?

As I said, python django (REST) would be a great place to start. Depends on exactly what functionality you're after and what architecture you have in mind. Just google "RESTful api". This is a big topic and not Godot related.

I've linked an excellent video series on Godot networking this although this builds servers for multiplayer games:


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godot have a networking tutorial, check that out


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Thanks i will look it

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