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Hello, i'm using GLES3 with default project quality settings. On the scene I have one simple mesh with generated light map and directional light with bake mode - all, after baking my light, on pc and in editor I have a smooth looking shadow. But when I export my project to android, I get pixelated shadow. I tried changing quality settings but that didn't help.



Godot version 3.4.2
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Which device are you using (and which Android version is it running)? This may be a driver-specific bug. Also, try switching to the GLES2 backend which is better supported on Android.

Since this may be an engine bug, you should create an issue on GitHub with a minimal reproduction project attached.

I'm using redmi note 8 pro with android 9. Using GLES2 seems solve the problem, thank you.

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It looks like texture filtering was disabled on the lightmap texture. I don't know for sure, but this may be caused by a GPU driver bug that causes filtering not to work on atlas textures.

Try disabling Atlas > Generate in the BakedLightmap properties, bake lightmaps again and export the project to Android again.

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I tried that and got the same result.

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