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I am building a game that has a tab-based interface. So, essentially the whole game will be in a TabContainer.

The first interactive scene I have built is called MapView, and it utilizes mouse input, especially mouse_entered() and mouse_exited() for several things. This will be nested under one of the tabs.

The issue I am running into is that the TabContainer eats the mouse input. I have Mouse > Filter set to "Ignore" for the tab itself, but I have it set to "Pass" for the TabContainer. While I can change tabs with my mouse, I no longer have any mouse input for my MapView scene.

If I change Mouse > Filter to "Ignore" on the TabContainer, I can now interact with my MapView scene, but I can no longer change tabs... What am I missing?

  • Node2D

    • TabContainer

      • Tab

        • MapView (interactive scene)
Godot version 3.4.2
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