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This follow statement causes dbg error as shown in the figure:


enter image description here

I can not understand the reason for the failure , which still does not interrupt the normal execution of the project .
Anyone have any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

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I think it's because you're using the function wrong as seen in documentation

void    add_child ( Node node, bool legible_unique_name=false )  

And having looked through your game code

Having the "j" or "p" being the (node).new Doesnt work with that, it would appear that to properly use add_child you would need to do something along the lines of



Or something along those lines, i believe that's the reason why the hookups arent working as well

I dont know an alternative fix other than just setting all the joints manually in the editor for now until you find an alternative method of doing this properly

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Thank you for your answer. Indeed there is a mistake in my code because the statement

var j = PinJoint2D.new()

is wrong . The joint already exists because is instantiated by the object "Part".

The statement above should be replaced by:

var j = get_node("parts/part "+str(i)+"/jointPart")

However I can not explain the errors of the debugger because the use of the command


seems correct .

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