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I made a script for the player to walk towards the enemy's position, the problem is I don't know how to determine the position so that the player can stop outside the enemy's radius

The script that I made always makes the player stop right at the enemy's position point. The temporary solution I have is to detect the enemy radius with area2d, but that's not good

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Godot version 3.4.2
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func example():
  var enemy = $enemy.global_position
  if $player.position.distance_to(enemy) < 3:
      print("bla bla")

Note : Number 3 ( three ) . Try changing

I have a question for you too. How did you add that image here? I couldn't find where to add

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Put the image link (eg from: imgbb.com) that you have uploaded in the green box in the image

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Thank you, so we can't add from PC, right?
By the way, did you solve the problem?

btw thanks for the answer, can you tell me how can i find out the position of the vector outside that radius?

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No, you can't upload directly :)

Does the enemy have a Collisionshape?

func example():
  var enemy = $enemy.global_position
  #Let's say there is.
  #I assume you have a field
  var enemy2 = $Enemy/Area2D/CollisionShape2D.shape.radius
  if $player.position.distance_to(enemy) < enemy2:
          print("bla bla")


Wah great idea, I should have added a collisionShape. thanks

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