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Hello everyone! There is such a question: I am trying to export a project on GLES 3 to a Redmi 9A phone, but nothing works. Logo GODOT, black screen. With GLES 2 it works.

What have I tried:
- I was looking for information about the phone. It should support GLES 3, according to this
- I'm running remote debug mode on my phone. I create 2d scene and a sprite. Everything works. I create a 3d scene, camera and mesh, it does not work. I change 2d to 3d in the process of debag, the environment appears, but mesh is not visible.

Question: Will GLES 3 not work even with an empty 3d scene? maybe there are some other reasons?

Godot version 3.3.3
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Many devices claim to support GLES3, but they do so very poorly, making support unusable in practice. This is mostly seen on old or low-end devices. This is why the GLES3 renderer in 3.x is not recommended for use on mobile devices.

Either way, the GLES3 renderer has a higher base cost than GLES2, which means it will run slower on simple (mobile-friendly) scenes.

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