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Is it possible to merge imported meshes?

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Merge how? And when? Why not do it in a 3D editing program?

Because mesh will be created from multiple hexes, and hexes count is set by player. I want to do for optimization.

You can have multiple MeshInstances though. Are there that many of them to instance? (like, more than 50?)
You want to merge them at run time, right?

Yes, much more then 50. And I want to merge them at run time.

I don't think a built-in API for this is available. You can do it manually but it will be very slow in GDScript. I made a feature request: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/7844

Reduz replied to the request above, you could use MultiMesh so hardware instancing can be used and cost way less performance.
However, in Godot 2.1 hardware instancing is not available, but will be in 3.0, as well as faster draw calls.

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