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why does my script think that global.openlevs is null?
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here is the global script if it helps:
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by the way when i remove the save and load functions the script works for some reason


Godot version 3.4
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onready var global = $"/root/Global"
onready var openlevss = global.openlevs

func ready() -> void:
for i in range($levels.get

for level in $levels.get_children():
    if str2var(level.name) in range(openlevss+1):
        level.disabled = false
        level.disabled = true


var openlevs = 1

var levels = []

var file_name = "user://saved.save"

func savegame():
var save
file = File.new()
savefile.open(filename, File.WRITE)

func loadgame():
var save
file = File.new()
if savefile.fileexists(filename):
var openlevs = save
return openlevs

func ready():
openlevs = load

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I found that your save data type is not correct, so after function ready() runs, you will get a null.

Try this following

var openlevs = 1
var fileName = "res://save.save"

func _ready():
    if loadFile(): # check isn't null
        openlevs = loadFile()

func save():
    var saveFile = File.new()
    saveFile.open(fileName, File.WRITE)
    var saveDatas = {"openlevs": openlevs} # note: the data type

func loadFile():
    var loadFile = File.new()
    if loadFile.file_exists(fileName):
        loadFile.open(fileName, File.READ)
        var loadDatas = loadFile.get_var()
        return loadDatas["openlevs"] # return an int in this case

This example in my test is ok, hope this help.

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sorry it did not work
it still thinks the value is null

Have you set the "Global.gd" as Singleton (AutoLoad)?

yes i did

enter image description here

I found a new answer above maybe you can try this.

Thank you very much it finally worked

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