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so I am trying to make a simple lod for trees in my scene, there is an area node in front of the player, so whenever a tree enters, the tree becomes visible and when it exits it becomes invisible. However, this is not the case, instead, if trees aren't always in the area the game drops to 4 FPS and when a tree enters it goes back to the original FPS. any advice?

Godot version godot 3.3
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Yönteminizi kullanacak olsaydım, diyelim ki engebeli bir arazim var, araziyle aynı olan bir "z ekseni" değerini nasıl oluşturur?

bu daha mı iyi?

nice question. Is your game for pc or phone?

ikisini de yapabilirim. ama şimdilik pc


For pc you can use GridMap or something. So there are too many options. "Search = 3d forest for godot"

I had a similar issue where Area 2Ds where lagging my game hard. The reason was because I was adding many Area 2Ds to the scene tree and removing them every physics update.

To solve the issue, I created a buffer of preloaded inactive Area2Ds, and whenever I wanted to add a new area, I would just copy over all the properties of Area 2D I wanted to add to the already-present-in-the-scene Area2D. The lag came from the engine having to look for collisions or something whenever an Area is added to the scene. Removing the area was as simple as just doing monitoring = false and monitorable = false

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