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I did resize it going in to texture and not scale. Scale has been set to (1,1). But when i run the scene, its a huge sized sprite. Apparently its not resizing no matter what. The Image texture is 434 x 665. Is that maybe the problem?

How can i reduce the size?


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Check the Scale of whatever object it's parented to, and the scale of that object's parent, and so on until you get to the top of the tree.

The Sprite having a Scale of (1, 1) means that it will have that scale relative to its parent. If its parent has a Scale of (2, 2), then the Sprite will effectively be 2x the image size, because its scale in the Viewport will be (2, 2) * (1, 1).

Also be aware that Physics objects can't be scaled -- even if you have some scale set in the editor it'll revert at runtime.

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Though you don't want to change the scale on the physicsbody parent, you should have no problem setting the scale on the sprite.
So set the scale of the sprite, not the size.

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