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What is Platshoot?

Platshoot is a free and open source 2D game where you evolve like in a generic fast-paced platformer, except that you're equipped with weapons.

You are equipped with a pistol, a chaingun and a jetpack, use them to beat the enemies and reach the level exit without dying.

You can acquire credits by killing enemies and collecting credit boxes, then spend them in shops to purchase ammo.

Platshoot uses assets from Freedoom, and uses Godot's particle and light effects extensively.


  • W/A/S/D, Z/Q/S/D or ↑/←/↓/→: Move and jump
  • Shift: Jetpack
  • Left mouse button: Attack
  • Right mouse button or E: Use
  • KP+, KP-, KP0: Zoom
  • Mouse wheel: Change weapon
  • Ctrl+K: Suicide
  • F11 or Alt+Enter: Toggle fullscreen


You can find the project on GitHub. You can download a .zip of the project or clone it using Git, then import it in the Godot project manager.

If you want to play directly without downloading Godot, you can download it from here. Those binaries support Windows, OS X and GNU/Linux but they may not always be up-to-date.

The code is available under the MIT license, assets are under BSD 3-Clause (for Freedoom assets) or similar free culture licenses.


  • Add music
  • Add sound volume control
  • Add more levels (only 2 right now)
  • Add more enemies (only 1 right now)
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Downloaded and learn much from it. Thanks for providing the project file.Downloaded and learn much from it. Thanks for providing the project file.
This looks quite good.

OMFG!! Just what i was looking for!
I was already thinking that i might not find a demo game with a code for basic AI..

While cool, this seems off-topic for this site. Probably better posted on the forums or subreddit.

EDIT: Apparently you can post projects here.... This was not something I expected from a SE type site. Sorry about the bad flag (it has been undone) and the above comment.

the zip file on github doesn't have a project file. how did you get it to work on godot?

Yah I've been wondering about that to because I wanted to try it.

I figured it out, you need version 2.16, and you open the engine.cfg file. It crashes whenever I try to play it, but at least the first problem is solved. :)

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It looks like the old SDL games (I love them), nice job.

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It looks cool, but the zip doesn't contain the project.godot file. :( I can't import it into godot for that reason. could you add it in the github master branch?

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Ok, I found out you have to use the 2.16 version, but it still doesn't work for me, it crashes as soon as you start playing. :(

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